Reposting from Microsoft: getting more from PowerShell version 2

Helping the techies IT-pro folks among us a little with very targeted content to get the job done quicker and repeatedly.

Showcasing Windows PowerShell

PowerShell Means “Powerful Automation”!
Announcing a new webcast series for both Developers and IT-Pro’s.

PowerShell is a Windows management technology designed for ease-of-use by both system administrators and application developers.  PowerShell Version 2 (V2) is available with both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 as well as previous Windows releases via an optional update.

For Developers specifically, Windows PowerShell in combination with the Windows Management Infrastructure (WinRM, WS-Management, WMI) provides a great way to automate server hosted solutions.   For example, if you implement all your administration logic via PowerShell, then layer the MMC GUI over the top (i.e. MMC calls PowerShell to get the work done) – you will have given your Enterprise customers the absolute best of all worlds; GUIs, scripting, and delegated, remote automation.

PowerShell V2 introduces many new features including remote sessions, an integrated script environment, debugging tools, and much more. 

Start your video tour of PowerShell V2 via MSDN Channel9 and TechNet Edge.  Find reusable scripts and techniques at the PowerShell Script-Center.  Subscribe to the RSS feeds at both the PowerShell and the Windows Management team blogs.  Get demo scripts from MSDN Code Gallery.

Download and share the new Windows Server 2008 R2 Developer Training Kit with PowerShell HOLs!

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