Session Notes: Visual Studio 2010 ALM features

Techies User group met at Starbucks November 18th, the same one as last month! I brought a bigger screen for the occasion and you could see my screen! I hope you got as much out of the presentation as I did preparing for it. Sorry Zubair for taking a wee bit longer to get these notes together than originally planned.

Topics we covered: Deployment, Administration, Workitem Tracking, Build Management, Reporting, Test Management, and VS2010 Architect (UML).

Team Foundation Server 2010 (locally on a developer machine or on a dedicated server) and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (full) details on this can be found at;

We discussed how the two above help doing true ALM. Team working on tasks and using team tasks, also stepped out to show how this works from Excel 2007 and from the web experience. So a project lead is not really required to have visual studio running on the work machine, but it is always good to see it there :-). This gives ability that we have had for years since TFS 2005. but to see the work item tracking in visually is enticing.

Then we went ahead and showed all the goodies from the build server, TFS without Build server setup is just not cutting it anymore. Especially with the integrated ability of having the build be triggered directly from visual studio or automatically on the server. also the build monitor plug in that now comes with Visual studio is compelling.

We also covered Test Lab Manager, could not show this in action (too few cores and memory in my laptop these days…). However the compelling discussion this possibility triggered gave away this may be a very nice want to have on the list of many architects, team leads and project leaders. This way one may be able to deliver with client expectations tested!

Last but not least we touched on the ability to architect right from Visual Studio in UML diagrams, and add tasks (work packages) as you are designing it. this really integrates the Application Life Cycle from early inception to maintenance after delivery.

As promised below is list of links for further information and for any questions please go to the Techies linked in pages, follow me on twitter, or send me an email; Do not forget to register for Tech-Ed Dubai (March 1st), do this before end of December to get a big discount! Also please get your visual studio before March 22nd with the ultimate offer for a free MSDN upgrade, scroll down for the nice bits!

Coffee was good, water was even better and the chocolates were grand, fuelling a good conversation. Hope you bring a friend next event when we will be discovering SharePoint 2010 on that same laptop :-)… Oh yeah a nice snapshot of the attendees!

Training kit:
Team Agent:
Web deployments:
Ultimate offer: before march 22nd:

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