Office 2010 beta User Group Meeting

A night to cover most of what will come from a information worker perspective. No code and no nonsense. We saw the availability of 64 bit office platform on client side computers. All of office comes in 64 bit variants now! We covered the terminology Backstage window in most office products, the integral part of Silverlight in the office suite and the improved file formats, for better generation and data mining. I also touched on the integral settings across all office products such as colour theme! Also as a real techie touched on how IT pro’s can now leverage the Office Customisation Tool for deployment to Network(ed) users.

I have showed off the new Outlook interface, and as said I would be hopelessly lost if I had to go back to the Outlook 2007 interface. We also have seen the add in resiliency, that if an add-in fails to run Outlook will start without the add-in. And last but not least Outlook will now be a client for multiple Exchange Servers in one profile! We only touched upon the availability of a better API programming experience, we are leaving that for a deep dive! I spend quite a bit of time going over the interface and extensibility of Outlook as this is the first and foremost tool for many information workers. We have briefly covered Word, Excel, And have spend a good bit of time discovering the OneNote application, as I think this is way underused and underestimated as a tool for collaboration.

On topic of collaboration we have discussed a bit about Office Server 2010 better known as SharePoint, and with all the efforts of a few PowerShell scripts I demonstrated the interface and basic out of the box website experience, together we discovered how to create sites and I showed the Silverlight Enabled Site Editing tools.

Thank you Anton for picking up the Coffees/waters, and I hope you have some use for the discovered “insert screen snapshot” feature.

Everyone else thank you for sharing the fun, here a snapshot of all attendees!


A list of references and remember I have a USB disks with all of the software on them!

For completeness I will include a link to the the scripts from “Emmanuel Bergerat” I have used for starting and stopping SharePoint on my Laptop. Very worth while.

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