Silverlight 3 Deep Dive Event notes.

Sunday January 10 2010 I knew for sure the event “Silverlight 3 Deep Dive Do’s and Don’ts”by Infusion’s Stephen Kennedy could take place this week and Infusion was able to host it for so I immediately started distributing information to all you techies out there and the result, thanks to, the techies linked in page, the event notification page and Rami’s work on posting this event on Facebook. It all worked out fine and we ended up having a decent crowd. I have enjoyed to see all of you at the event! I personally enjoyed the energy with which Stephen delivered the session.

We witnessed Stephen talk about design patterns, coming from MVC, passing MVP and for WPF/Silverlight the usage of MVVM. Stephen explained why we should be using this and also the trouble we’d run into when not. He took us through a basic implementation of a XAML page (view) that has two texts on it and a supporting class (model) that has two properties. as we should not let the viewmodel have any knowledge of the view he explained why we would have to use some INotifyPropertyChanged interface implementation to tell the observer (view) the data has changed in the viewmodel (and the model respectively). For this he advised us to use a base class to do that work and leverage that code in all of the derived classes. For Collections he instructed to use the generic ObservableCollection types and have a ViewModel for the content of that collection to which a new view should be bound when using the data in a view. He showed us a trick how to work around not having commands in Silverlight leveraging attached property on controls. Finally we went through several best practices and optimizations, rounding it all up with a Q/A session. Stephen provided the deck for to attach to the notes.

Please find the PowerPoint slides on the SkyDrive.

Ending off as always with a snapshot, sorry if you were not in the image I need a wider angle camera (instead of my Motorola Q9h) to fit all of you in 🙂

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  1. Andrew says:

    Nice article to follow up on Stephen\’s MVVM talk by Shawn Wildermuth (4 part series) 1. 4. talks about the MVVM Light Toolkit

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