session Notes Open Coffee and VS2010 launch

Thank you all for your support and your refreshing input to make the Techies night an event. Let’s digress in the order things took place:

The evening started out by the right question! Anton was asked what all was new in Visual Studio, and by the time coffee and  water’s were getting dry the air cleared for other topics to be covered. So what all was discussed on VS2010 as major milestones: ALM, UML, Layer diagram, architecture validation in build process, Test lab, TFS2010, WPF editor and design surface, Extensibility and plug-in model, and maybe 1 or 2 I forget…

We also covered the redesign of User Group:

The main outlet for information will become this blog and the page associated with techies leaders. Also we will have an open accessible sign-up page that does not require you to have a membership: I will try to populate every event there. Apart from this methodical change we will also change the way the group operates. as I have seen in the past I wish to address the need of a developer community. So as of this month the Developer community has a separate place with a separate event schedule. Also the IT-pro community among the techies will get their own event schedule. We are still looking for owners of these groups. So if you are so Inclined please feel free to take charge, I’ll help you make it a success. I will help plan sessions and will make sure that there should not be more than one event a week, as we all have some business and private life outside of Finishing this redesign off, we will have regular meetings each third Wednesday of the month and it will be in the Format of Open Coffee, about any geek/tech topic. you can have the floor if you have a topic you wish to program, I will make the event known. In basis this is high-level and should not conflict with the IT-Pro or developer groups.

This all is a way to make Techies more versatile and hope to pull more interest between peers. If you have any suggestions or wish to part-take a role in the community, feel free to dos so. The User Group is made by it’s members so it does not hurt to contribute!

We ended of talking about performance of Entity Framework and Linq2SQL so much so that we want to pull out the laptops, brains and brawn and have a new meeting this week Wednesday, go to to sign up for the event.

I have had a few weeks of playtime with Microsoft ICE, a tool to create panoramas. now the camera on my mobile phone is really bad quality (640×480 fixed focus), but find below the result of 4 images I snapped and ICE-d them together. The bad image quality is not because of ICE 🙂

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