session Notes Open Coffee

Having visited places in DIC the last week we decided to keep it at the regular Starbucks Jadaf JBR venue. Most places were very quiet every night visited! Could be a Ramadan thing! So from Next month we will take a road trip! Be prepared for venue location changes! We are looking to have an Open Coffee Next Month in or around the Dubai International Airport.

Discussion was broad again, as always on an Open Coffee. Special this time was having three visiting students doing a research paper in assignment from Microsoft. The students talked to Natasha and came to our Open Coffee with questions on what we talked about. They got their hearts content 🙂 as we covered the full Techie environment: Hosting, Server configurations, Connectivity, Cloud, On-Premise versus Service-based. Development strategy, methodology, Application Life Cycle, Internet Explorer 9, Graphic cards, GOM, and all the smaller conversations that did not reach my ears, or I failed to remember. We shared our insights nabbed from some cakes and had a beverage. The new oreo cake we can do without… definitely not our favorite.

As always we came late, primarily due to Ramadan and left late. and again forgot to take a snapshot this time 😦 so a snap of the venue’s location in it’s place…

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