session Notes Open Coffee

Starting this month we are really on the road. We have tried out Times Square Center. I decided not to try International Airport as the only affordable coffee would be a Metro ride away :-), I tried having a coffee and was surprised at the end of the hour that it had been AED 65 for coffee and parking, I should have checked the parking, glad I tried it. We do like the Times Square Center venue (apart from having a large Sharaf DG, and Toys ‘R Us, and some interesting cafes), we may return for a coffee sometime in the future… Next stop ibn battuta mall.

Discussion was broad again, as always on an Open Coffee, many topics passed especially broadband and ancient internet technologies: Usenet, IRC, Kazaa, Torrent, etc. Congrats go out to Ronald, as he now is a dad, Cheers!. Plans were made for next sessions. We will start doing Deep Dives again. Starting this month with a session on Testing in Agile by Khalil Shalalfeh. We shall post the session shortly. Expect a session on SQL 2008, and SharePoint 2010 to come in this year still. We are still looking for people who want to present and people who would like to Enthusiast IT professionals and developers by hosting an in-depth event.

All techies present agreed that 1 invite for a whole year on every third Wednesday does not really work for we will split these up into separate events you can sign up for. Sorry if you had signed up before, you will have to do that ever single event. Added to these will be Deep Dives as the Ad-Hoc events.

As always we came late, primarily due to getting fined 😦 and again forgot to take a snapshot this time 😦 so a random snap in it’s place…


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