session notes Deep Dive Prepare for Tech-Ed ME 2011

Thank you, all attendees, for making a good night Great! Talk was in-depth to the point and I think we all left wiser than when we stepped in. that’s not just great that is excellent attainment of the goal of a deep dive. Thank you Natasha and Amory for bringing the knowledge! We really enjoyed the stay at Lime Tree CafeIBN Battuta, Excellent carrot cake! and a fine selection of teas and coffees! Sad thing is we got booted at 21:05, as this mall closes at 22:00 when it’s not Ramadan. We will look for a venue on the regular event, I think Times Square Mall is a great contender, expect it to be there!

Main topics of the night were:

  • If you wish to present on Tech-Ed 2011 you need to get your proposals in ASAP as track owners @ Microsoft are choosing their speakers for the slots right now.
  • You can improve your chances on getting a slot by:
    • looking at the Tech-Ed 2010 Europe notes and pick from the popular sessions on your topic
    • Send the track owner a video of your earlier presentations
    • Show your track record
    • Have held a slot and it was graded high
  • Many people present have experience talking on Tech-Ed talk to them on the how to and what their experiences were.
  • Suggestions are to find an earlier event to trial your presenting/teaching skills.
    • Find a local event (close by at least) where you could present in a less-risk involved way
    • See if you can present for your/a user group nearby
    • Techies will try to organize a deep dive end of the month where you can have a 5-10 minute brief session on what you wish to present on at Tech-Ed. there will be a recording and the raw-format data you can post-process to share it on you-tube or send it to the track owner.
  • Community lounge
    • We would like to have community lounge white-board (big) where people can share thoughts, ideas, designs etc.
    • Let’s organize a Techies T-shirt with your name on the front and Techies logo front-and-back
    • there will be monitors where you can hook up a laptop to and display your code/program to others
    • Use this for networking share your couch to get a colleague user group leader/member into Tech-Ed ME 2011, might be the beginning of cross-border networking kicking off!
  • Raffles and discounts

Of course we discussed all over the map social aspects of and the individuals attending. I did think of getting a photo, sorry Natasha you could not be in this one as you had an appointment in Redmond. Hope we can organize the deep dive this month still on sharpening and trying out Presentations. The snap follows…

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