Deep Dive: Quick Response Code–QR-code with Rizky Farhan

Thank you Rizky for your insights into QR codes. Never knew one square of squares could have that much flexibility Light bulbThanks to Jumeirah to allow us into their Headquarters Boardroom with lovely sights of the greenery and excellent finger-food and beverages!


Rizky did more than just cover QR-Codes he showed what it can do:

  • B-card
  • V-card
  • website link
  • geo location

Read all about that on sites like Wikipedia. The true nature was understanding it’s structure and how and where we could apply the QR-code. Rizky Covered:

  • Decoding: image -> decode -> parse -> text
  • Encode: text -> parse -> encode -> image
  • Android development
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse -> SDK extensions
  • Think about explicit uses-permission (camera, read contacts, write external storage).
  • Development experience is a bit more complex than VS

imageRizky also did a great job on detailing the thoughts behind running on a mobile device, covering events such as:

  • onCreate
  • onPause
  • onResume

imageBut also paying attention to the contextual system (mobile phone) for:

  • Tomb Stoning (you may not be around to do much when a call comes in)
  • Intent (what does the user want to do with the app/plug in)
  • Activity (when I do get processor time what should I do)

I have had a blast, it was on a Saturday! I hope you had the same take-away I have had! if not feel free to comment!

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