session Notes Open Coffee

Thank you Techies for making tonight, awesome! Great discussions and welcoming a new Techie member Usama Khan. Please extend the welcome message to him. We expect him to present on his love for Windows Mobile development.

We had a broad conversation all over the spectrum. Memorable topics: @zubairdotnet presented his tool on Windows Mango to arrange for a Cab in Dubai Based on your geo-location. The service however is not running on TRA side. @gurshinder proposed to develop a parking service instead, however there is no central repository of parking pay terminals to math them with the nearest of your geo-location. Thoughts bend around place, and duration. nice features would be a reminder and add-payment options… @gurshinder displayed on his iPad a nice application FlightRadar that shows all air-traffic movement in UAE, the application would also show movement in Europe however Asia and Americas are blocked, and do not disclose this type of information.


Usama shared when he worked with the cosmos virtual area projection on a 10’ wall of live data feeds from the military field. similar direct data using avatars. @zubairdotnet won a card from PluralSight for one Month of prepaid access to their learning content! I heard most of you came a week earlier as well! I appreciate the interest! Please note that the Open Coffee is every third Wednesday of the month at Time Square Centre Caribou coffee shop. Feel free to socialize outside of these moments, and please let me know the attendance, perhaps we can raffle off some sponsor goodies!

And traditionally let’s have the snap of the brave staying long enough to have a snap taken courtesy of @zubairdotnet, and a nice enough lady (no handle) to snap it.image

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One Response to session Notes Open Coffee

  1. thank for inviting me and i really enjoyed allot. and INSALLAH IN FUTURE WE WILL DO MORE techies event in UAe 🙂

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