Full Disclosure of Sponsorship from UGSS

Guys, Just an informational blog-post, actually more the fine print that Usually gets shoved under… not at Techies.ae we disclose as we believe there are no secrets, only truths not yet disclosed! The following is a requirement for obtaining the sponsorship for the leaders to play with Office 365, and for you to get leveraged by that sponsorship and additional knowledge! If you have any comments feel free to leave them here or discuss them in person at our next Open Coffee event. Here is the small print:

• By accepting the Offer, you agree that Microsoft may contact you via email regarding your UGSS membership or Office 365 Subscription for marketing and transactional purposes.  If you do not agree, do not accept the Offer.

• The value of the Offer is based on the estimated retail price in USD; however, actual prices may vary by country, exchange rate and local taxes. The subscriber is responsible is responsible for all related taxes in connection with the Offer.

• The subscription associated with the Offer expires on January 1st of the following year, upon which the subscription must be either (i) renewed or (ii) the service will expire.

• The Office 365 services, made available in this offer, cannot be used for commercial purposes and cannot be transferred.

• Failure to renew your annual UGSS membership each January may result in loss of Offer account access and/or data loss.

• Place a “Powered by Office 365” website banner on your user group or chapter website or SharePoint site during the subscription year**

• In compliance with the disclosure requirements below, blog, tweet or post to a LinkedIn group that your user group or chapter is using Office 365**

Disclosure requirements: Fully disclose your affiliation with the UGSS Program and any Microsoft compensation received as part of the program in the form of money, travel, contest prizes, products, services, gifts, special access to an event, etc. in a clear and readily visible way on either your chapter website or SharePoint site, and in any related blogs, tweets or posts.  For example:

o My friends at Microsoft invited me to join the UGSS Program and gave me a free annual subscription to Office 365

o Microsoft provided me with a free annual subscription to Office 365 for my participation in the UGSS Program

o This is a Microsoft-sponsored post

o For micro-blogs and status updates that have character restrictions, include a hash tag notation of #spon (sponsored) or #paid (paid) or #ad (ad)

• You agree that Microsoft or its representative has the right to monitor your communications made as part of this program to verify your compliance with disclosure obligations.

Honesty. Only make statements about Microsoft Office 365 that reflect your honest beliefs, opinions, or experiences, and that you have a reasonable basis to believe are accurate.  You agree to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Office 365 and periodically as updates are made to it so that you understand how it works.

Notice of Changed Opinion.  You will let us know if the opinions expressed in your communications about Microsoft Office 365 have changed after those opinions were published.

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