session Notes Open Coffee

OK, OK a bit later than usual, at least it’s in before the next Open Coffee comes around….

Good in-depth conversation on Entity Framework, performance metrics and performing of execution POCO first and Database First Entity Framework implementations. Still drilling down on deletes of a bunch of entities returned from a select. Or shall we do a custom built delete where (list of identities) CRU(D) function in our code with custom coded SQL. Actually we saw test runs with analytics courtesy of Chris and it seems that at the moment delete goes off, the selects to get the data for the delete also goes off. Party present could not crack it now… Any suggestions are welcome!

Also great conversation about 2 wheel devices that make lots of noise as well as running it around a circuit… some prices and consumer preview bits of Windows 8 and surely SQL 2012, Visual Studio 11 beta.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event, or at the #opendoorgulf!

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