Adding features to Windows 8, or upgrading windows 8

Running with the slate 7 tabled having the release preview deployed, I was annoyed that I could not use a remote desktop session into the machine…. I was missing the section below on the Remote tab in computer properties.


I had used that on the W500, so I grabbed the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and ran off a copy of Windows 8 64 bit Release Preview and one cup of coffee later I had a Windows 8 bootable 4GB Lexar USB key. I plugged that key in ran setup, it asked me to type in the key (copied that from the ISO page) and chose add-windows 8 features. again I was presented with a screen to type in the key, which I still had in the clipboard, so pasted it and ran next. the machine restarted 3 times and while I was walking to the car this evening (3 elevators down) It showed me the log-on screen again. After checking now it did have the remote desktop screen. Evidently I had a different version deployed before (must have been a consumer version). Hope this saves you some time!

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