Windows 8 preview out of the box experience

Last week I have signed a document that placed in my hands a Samsung Slate 7 machine. Since Serge Lenbet joined by Tariq Atiek (both Microsoft Gulf) was the one handing it to me, in the context of the Microsoft elITe EAM 2012 award, the thoughts grew how to deploy windows 8 on it. I had been using the Asus W500 for it’s life worth on all Windows 8 previews, and surface (now “pixel sense”?) software.

When at home I unboxed the machine. The Samsung is about the same size as the ASUS tablet, below is an impression of an image from CNET. Technically it’s a sweet machine with 4GB ram, 60GB mSATA persistent storage (why do they still refer to this as disk?), and a 1.6GHz 2 core 2nd Generation i5-2467M.


I got exited when turning it on it displayed the Windows logo on a black background, wow it’s got windows 8 on it I thought. I was really blown away when in 5 seconds I was greeted with a screen like the following, borrowed from please comment if used incorrectly I completely did not think about snapping a photo off.

I chose the blue on black as my style and named the machine very promptly slate7. I was asked to enter an online account, I entered my live credentials for my account. Since I already had my online space for windows synchronized, the full experience with my very own lock-screen, background etc. was presented in maybe 5 minutes. I even had my start menu from the previous machine!


I must say an astonishing feat. Imagine that you could buy one of these devices and power on in the shop, configure and before walking out have your machine running. Awesome Microsoft for making the tablets finally become productive! This is from zero to productive in 5 minutes, now let’s build some apps. We better understand that this is the experience that awaits half a billion consumers for years to come.

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