Reading up on TOGAF 9.1 chapter 4

As promised I would give you a chapter a time on TOGAF, here is chapter 4.

Chapter 4 details the release notes. The chapter starts with what is new in version 9 as opposed to 8. it then goes on and try to determine why TOGAF 9 exists. Paragraph 4.3 maps information from where information used to be in 8 and where it can be found now. The next paragraph works the other way around. TOGAF 9 can be freely used and has no direct cost associated however it’s based on bringing back lessons learned to improve the standard. The data from TOGAF may however not be reproduced. A PDF can be licensed to use internally in an organization. the chapter ends with call to action to join the TOGAF group, which has some benefits in the realm of immediate access to TOGAF work, communicate with other members, and peer reviews.

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