Reading up on TOGAF 9.1 Chapter 47

As promised I would give you a chapter a time on TOGAF, here is chapter 47.

Chapter 47 discusses the Architecture Board, the Role, The Responsibilities, How to set it up, and how to operate it. The The role is taking responsibility and accountability for review and maintenance of the overall architecture. This to maintain consistency for sub-architectures and allow for changing business needs, and new technologies. The responsibility include governing the architecture and the adoption of architecture in the organization, by growing the maturity, compliancy, and giving advise. To set up the Architecture Board one needs C-level executive support, should meet at regular basis, and have between 4 and 10 members. The board must be the sponsor of all architecture development in the company. Seek the board of directors as consultants for business objectives, vision and processes. Rotate the members for continuity. The structure should reflect the actual organization. Operationally the board should meet and have a clear agenda for meetings that provide direction as prescribed by COBIT. Meetings must have minutes, which are to be distributed before the next meeting. All RFCs must be placed on the agenda and documentation distributed before the meeting, as well as SLA impact of RFCs. Each action will be assigned in the meeting and resolutions documented and published in the architecture repository.

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