Reading up on TOGAF 9.1 Chapter 48

As promised I would give you a chapter a time on TOGAF, here is chapter 48.

Chapter 48 deals with architecture compliance. What keywords are used, how to review, what type of checklists to use and how to measure compliancy from these. to start one needs a per project architecture view of the enterprise architecture and an IT Governance for project compliance. Key words on level of compliancy are: Irrelevant, Consistent, Compliant, (Fully) Conformant, Non-Conformant. The purpose for Reviews is in order of importance: find flaws, find best practices, improve architecture, etc. The output of a review is a measurable deliverable, to the CIO. the reviews should be scheduled on project milestones. The review should be done by someone not involved with the project, for larger projects that may be an issue! The process is depicted in review process, where roles and steps are drawn out. The kicker of this chapter is the exact checklist to execute a review process! The final paragraphs go indepth on why you would need to customize these for high risk and expected or identified differences!

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