session notes Techies Before Brunch Update

This morning was united on the topic of TypeScript. Mair Swartz was hosting a teaching presentation on basic TypeScript and it’s use in the real world. Mair Covered the basics, how to add primitive types, complex types and calling passing parameters using JSON style parameters. Then Techies were treated to a set of structuring of code using classes, modules, and a new way to encapsulate functions, as well as simpler ways to create class properties using constructors. Mair diligently demoed the overloading of function calls.

After the break Mair took the Techies through a nice live demo of TypeScript extensions on office365 SharePoint using jQuery with .d.ts packages for type safety displaying dynamic images from an image library.

Thanks to all attending Techies for a very interactive session and thanks to the votes of Mohammad Owais and Ronald Sunarno (who thought everyone was equally entitled) Bilal Al Qublan and Mair Swartz went home with a PluralSight one month Membership. Below are some snaps of the session! Please remember April 9th is Microsoft Open Door in Abu Dhabi, O’Reilly still offers group members up to 50% off of e-books when using code OR112 on check-out. we also have ability for members to proof-read/review e-books! Get in touch with me so I can help you ahead.


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