Renewed the requirements for Office365 sponsorship

Have a look over at our Office365 sponsor, this will allow you to sign up directly on Office 365. I’ve been a bit naughty as I have had the mail for a month and Just realized I only have 24 hours left to renew… Let’s see how that works out. probably set a reminder earlier… I may pick up steam and start hosting the blog over at Office365 and give you all a better integrated experience… Let’s make that an aim for this year, a lot more cloud!

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This morning was united on the topic of TypeScript. Mair Swartz was hosting a teaching presentation on basic TypeScript and it’s use in the real world. Mair Covered the basics, how to add primitive types, complex types and calling passing parameters using JSON style parameters. Then Techies were treated to a set of structuring of code using classes, modules, and a new way to encapsulate functions, as well as simpler ways to create class properties using constructors. Mair diligently demoed the overloading of function calls.

After the break Mair took the Techies through a nice live demo of TypeScript extensions on office365 SharePoint using jQuery with .d.ts packages for type safety displaying dynamic images from an image library.

Thanks to all attending Techies for a very interactive session and thanks to the votes of Mohammad Owais and Ronald Sunarno (who thought everyone was equally entitled) Bilal Al Qublan and Mair Swartz went home with a PluralSight one month Membership. Below are some snaps of the session! Please remember April 9th is Microsoft Open Door in Abu Dhabi, O’Reilly still offers group members up to 50% off of e-books when using code OR112 on check-out. we also have ability for members to proof-read/review e-books! Get in touch with me so I can help you ahead.


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This morning we had a SharePoint 2013 session hosted by and presented by Usama. The intent was not to code and we indeed kept it light enough to have just slides and a very lively discussion! Noteworthy sidebar discussions were with Mair, Nazish, Noel, and Adrian on TypeScript and OAUTH. have seen a few new solutions developments boiling down to not writing code on the server at all. Also the developer wanting to run the development environment from 8GB of ram might be in for a ‘slow’ surprise… Tools are SharePoint ‘Napa’, Visual Studio 2012, and SharePoint Designer. The server now hosts an _api service interface and will behave RESTfull, expect a lot of ODATA to be consumed.

Appreciate the efforts, PluralSight Raffle went to Usama and Noel. Nazish got the Azure memory stick.


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This morning we finished a meeting as per popular request. Kudos go out to Exceed for hosting the event! was asked to do more technology topics and focus on the IT-Pro more. Given this and the new releases of Office SharePoint 2013, and the initial launch of the SharePoint User Group lead by Jamil, and joined by Muawiyah they demonstrated the IT-Pro side of SharePoint. It quickly turned into a open conversation to help them out setting up the SharePoint User Group. We had a total of 4 techies present, so no need to just listen in, it was fully hands on. Demo’s were on the fly and it was a mixture of Office 365 and on Premise SharePoint 2103 solutions. Looking forward to seeing UAESUG come alive and kicking since Zlatan no longer is in Dubai! Next month expect a developer session on SharePoint 2013!


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This morning we have had the blessing of two great minds on ALM: Anton Delsink and Osama “Ozzie” Harbe, to share their thoughts with us on how to manage TFS and set this up so Techies can be successful in their usage of this for more than just source control. We appreciate Infusion for hosting the event, and look up below if you can find yourself in the pictures Smile. I learned a lot and am looking forward to getting practical soon.

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The first of a new format #TBBU. and a new location for meeting invites, we will not ditch the EventBrite, but Lanyrd is the one that Microsoft has indicated a a good place to create the meetings, as presenters are linkable. had a meeting on original title of knockout.js a library to use JSON and bind this to templates with very little code you need to write. the discussion was very lively thanks to @webnoel, @monkatroid, and @mo_speak. In the end we covered most server and client side JavaScript patterns.

It was all fun at the 76th floor meeting room, was a bit cozy. I hope the coffees at the 123rd floor have heightened the atmosphere…

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This morning met at Jumeirah Emirates Academy for Hospitality Management. on a quest to find out if an architecture design is appropriate and how one can tell if it is. Chris was burdened with a question and he documented this at StackOverflow Techies got involved such as Ronald. Discussed were the MVVM design pattern, SOLID principles, and design choices. One of the true discussions boiled down to what can you do on patterns and how much purity do you want to achieve in design versus adding value. I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and got out of the meeting a lot wiser.

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Having a long discussion with Chris on architecture. Passing the launch of Windows 8, kind of a no-brainer but was not all that exiting here in UAE. We shared thoughts on the devices we have seen and how phone and phablet play a role in tables/ultra book world. We’ve discussed changing the Techies Open Coffee format. Watch this space for changes… it was a no-picture day

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Reading up on TOGAF 9.1 Chapter 48

As promised I would give you a chapter a time on TOGAF, here is chapter 48.

Chapter 48 deals with architecture compliance. What keywords are used, how to review, what type of checklists to use and how to measure compliancy from these. to start one needs a per project architecture view of the enterprise architecture and an IT Governance for project compliance. Key words on level of compliancy are: Irrelevant, Consistent, Compliant, (Fully) Conformant, Non-Conformant. The purpose for Reviews is in order of importance: find flaws, find best practices, improve architecture, etc. The output of a review is a measurable deliverable, to the CIO. the reviews should be scheduled on project milestones. The review should be done by someone not involved with the project, for larger projects that may be an issue! The process is depicted in review process, where roles and steps are drawn out. The kicker of this chapter is the exact checklist to execute a review process! The final paragraphs go indepth on why you would need to customize these for high risk and expected or identified differences!

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Reading up on TOGAF 9.1 Chapter 47

As promised I would give you a chapter a time on TOGAF, here is chapter 47.

Chapter 47 discusses the Architecture Board, the Role, The Responsibilities, How to set it up, and how to operate it. The The role is taking responsibility and accountability for review and maintenance of the overall architecture. This to maintain consistency for sub-architectures and allow for changing business needs, and new technologies. The responsibility include governing the architecture and the adoption of architecture in the organization, by growing the maturity, compliancy, and giving advise. To set up the Architecture Board one needs C-level executive support, should meet at regular basis, and have between 4 and 10 members. The board must be the sponsor of all architecture development in the company. Seek the board of directors as consultants for business objectives, vision and processes. Rotate the members for continuity. The structure should reflect the actual organization. Operationally the board should meet and have a clear agenda for meetings that provide direction as prescribed by COBIT. Meetings must have minutes, which are to be distributed before the next meeting. All RFCs must be placed on the agenda and documentation distributed before the meeting, as well as SLA impact of RFCs. Each action will be assigned in the meeting and resolutions documented and published in the architecture repository.

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