session notes: Tech-ed ME 2010 Revival

Contrary to the published event schedule we have had an event /@ Microsoft Dubai Internet City building # 8. Natasha Zaza and Pooya Darugar were having Michael Koester talk on Expression Silverlight 3.0 development. An awesome discussion of iterative incremental growth apps building apps in Blend using all sorts of automation from a library… Then a short speech from ASP.Net hosing with Windows IIS, where bandwidth is unlimited for a 500MHz core for US $ 217/month (valid for two moths), and finished off with a demo of test scenarios using test suite from the visual Studio 2010 release where testing users were launching their virtual infrastructure and running their tests on top of it. Running through the whole scenario of build environment, deployment environment from Lab Manager, running the environment for the test, running the test, grabbing the contextual info such as machine state; user actions videos; test steps; and system snapshot, then the developer fixing the bug replaying the circumstances as well as the processor state while executing the code. In short awesome technology! Follow Pooya’s blog for more details on these topics!

Then we had a short Tech-ed middle east 2010 revival session about what we liked: definitely liked the whole event took place! we agreed that it needed an ending ceremony. Tech-ed ME 2010 is a very different beast than the North American or European one. Here there should have been more hands on labs seats. Or teh labs should be available throughout the day and people should be allowed to come in and try the LAB anytime. The sessions should be more focussed, one topic in very much depth and a real guidance on how to do it yourself so basically from 100-400 on 1 topic. Based on feedback of the speakers evaluations.

Lat but not least we had a giveaway, the one digging deepest got the best price! Winners in photo below: Muhammad (Windows 7 Ultimate & TFS), Romin (Windows Mobile Development SDK), Chris (Windows 2008, System Center Operations Manager …) and Andrew (Visual Studio 2010 RC). We closed off being invited to Nando’s Greens where we enjoyed Chicken in all kinds and flavors, with excellent sides. Courtesy of Pooya, while taking talks to a whole new level.

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